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You may anticipate varying degrees of success following surgery, but most patients aren’t prepared for failed back surgery. If you continue to suffer from pain after your surgery, you need the help of Robert J. Henderson, MD, at Dallas Spine Care. As a specialist in complex spine problems — especially cases that other doctors turn away — many patients seek Dr. Henderson’s care when they have surgery that hasn’t resolved their back, leg, or neck pain. To get the help you deserve, call the office in Dallas or schedule an appointment online.

Failed Back Surgery Q & A

What is failed back surgery?

Despite its name, failed back surgery doesn’t necessarily mean something went wrong during your spinal surgery. Failed back surgery refers to patients who continue to have back, leg, or neck pain after receiving surgery intended to repair the underlying cause of their pain. 

If your pain doesn’t improve within the first 30-60 days after your surgery, or you have any questions or concerns about your postsurgical condition, call Dallas Spine Care to schedule a consultation with Dr. Henderson.

What causes failed back surgery?

There are many possible causes of failed back surgery. For starters, the surgery you received may not have been the best procedure for your spine problem. It’s also possible that the procedure wasn’t performed using the technique that was optimal for your condition.

In some cases, the surgery performed may not have repaired all the problems contributing to your pain. One condition may have been diagnosed and treated without identifying another underlying spinal condition.

You may develop complications during or after surgery, such as a postsurgical infection that interferes with healing. Additionally, scar tissue could form or the vertebrae or nerves targeted during your surgery may not heal properly.

How is failed back surgery treated?

If your pain doesn’t improve after back or neck surgery, it’s important to get a second opinion as soon as possible to prevent the problem from worsening. Dr. Henderson thoroughly evaluates your procedure, performs an examination, and runs the appropriate diagnostic tests.

You can be confident that he will determine the cause of your failed back surgery, then take the steps needed to properly treat your condition and relieve your pain. 

You’ll learn about nonsurgical options for relieving pain without undergoing surgery. Dr. Henderson also explains the type of surgery that can solve the problem.

Dr. Henderson has years of experience treating the most complex and difficult cases of back and neck pain. He believes that almost all cases of failed back surgery can be corrected when he performs the right surgery and executes it with skill and precision.

If you had spinal surgery, yet you still have pain, call Dallas Spine Care or schedule an appointment online.